Christmas with a Child’s Heart

Published in Refresh Bible Study Magazine, December 2016. Read the full magazine for free here! The lights grew dim, which meant the big moment had arrived. I stood on the stage, looking out at dozens of parents and teachers who filled the pews. Above my head were rustic wooden beams, and beneath my feet were… Continue reading Christmas with a Child’s Heart

Election Fears? Take Heart

I can trace it back to one night during my senior year of high school. Unable to sleep, I grieved the loss of aborted unborn life. I thought, “How could innocent babies be killed and discarded everyday?” My heart ached for the women involved. “What money problems or social pressures could make a woman feel… Continue reading Election Fears? Take Heart

Forgiveness: Good for the Forgiver

Published in the Door Post Verses series at Lighthouse Bible Studies. Click here to read other articles in the series! Have you ever tried carrying a week’s worth of groceries from your car to your house? If you can shoulder the bags all at once, you’ll avoid making multiple trips, right? Not quite. When I’ve… Continue reading Forgiveness: Good for the Forgiver

Cooperating with the Cultivator

Published in Refresh Bible Study Magazine's Fruits of the Spirit edition, August 2016. Click here to find the full edition and subscribe for free. In my home state of Virginia, many apple orchards are tucked into the countryside. The trees tower on the rolling hills, opening their leafy branches wide, as if wanting to embrace.… Continue reading Cooperating with the Cultivator

Love keeps no record of wrongs

  Several days ago, I made a mistake with one of my editing clients. While mailing a completed manuscript off to his home in California, I forgot to insert the last three chapters in the envelope. Once we realized my error, it delayed our progress for about a week. I overnighted the pages and told… Continue reading Love keeps no record of wrongs

The White Envelope

Sometimes, we’re confronted with a commandment we just don’t know how to obey. That happened to me one quiet Sunday morning. I had woken up hours earlier than needed, and my heart was tightened with conviction. Finally, I had found a church home and was learning more about the Bible. I wanted to act on… Continue reading The White Envelope

Book Find: Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed by Matt Brough

Why it's a great find: From the very first page, I was hooked. It starts with tension right off the bat as four kids - a girl named Del and her guy friends - start running. They've been seen by a cleric in a cemetery they're trespassing in. Del finds a hiding place, and in… Continue reading Book Find: Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed by Matt Brough