Book Find: My Superhero Grandpa by Michele McAvoy


Why it’s a great find: Although we miss our brethren in Christ when they die, we can rejoice knowing that their minds and bodies are restored and they are in God’s hands. My Superhero Grandpa is a simple, straightforward way to comfort children who have either lost a grandparent or have a grandparent that died before they were born. The theology of eternal life can be hard to explain to young kids, but it is important, and this book introduces it in a way that little ones can grasp. Grieving parents will also find comfort reading this to their children, due to the positive words and serene illustrations. Even though this book is about a grandpa, the concept works for either grandpas or grandmas.

Recommended for: Young children

Best quote: When I lay my head at night, and close my eyes real tight, I can see my Superhero Grandpa smiling with all of his might.

(Order on Amazon).

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