Book Find: Starving Hearts by Janine Mendenhall

starving hearts

Starving Hearts is our first Christian book find!

Best quote: “Are you being obedient, or just martyring yourself for another good cause?”

Recommended for: Ladies

Why it’s a great find: It’s hard to find historical fiction that moves fast, and it’s a struggle to find good romance that really places God first, but Janine Mendenhall’s Starving Hearts accomplishes both.

The story: The first chapter is an instant hook: The main character, Annette, is assaulted. Another man comes to her aid, but his identity is a mystery and she wants to find him. Family secrets, arranged marriages, and even the slave trade threaten to stand in the way of her happiness with the man she loves.

Characters: Annette is quite lovable. She has spunk, takes a stand on the evils of the slave trade, and she’s a talented artist. Oh, and she needs to eat a little something now and then or else she’ll faint.

Scripture: Nearly every chapter features a relevant Bible verse that guides the characters, woven in very naturally. The characters also pray for God’s guidance, and they grow in their faith as the story goes on!

(Order on Amazon).


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